There are a few different services that I can provide, depending on your needs. Some projects might even need a bit of everything.

Why not get in touch if there’s something I can help with?

Web development

Are you looking to bring on some extra helping hands to boost your existing team? Do you have more projects than you can handle internally? Perhaps I can help?

My skills cover the 'full stack' and I have a strong background in building accessible websites using progressive enhancement and a good mix of server and front-end technologies.

I have extensive experience building websites in .Net but I’ve also worked with WordPress and React.


If you aren’t quite sure on the best approach or requirements then I can help you make decisions for your projects.

  • Do you need an expensive agency that has access to more resources, would a single developer be more efficient or are you better off hiring someone to work internally?
  • Are there future requirements that need to be considered now or are they far enough away that a new system might be in place by then?

These are the sort of questions we can go through to give you the best idea on how to achieve your goals.

Technical writing

Documentation can often be overlooked in projects but it can be the best way of keeping various parties in sync and informed about all the relevant details.

I can help you by writing any of the following:

  • Function Specifications – Details of exactly what your project is going to do but not full of the technical 'how' details.
  • User Guides – Taking the functional and technical nature of your project and presenting it in clear, easy to understand language.
  • Release Notes – Re-purposing your diligently created commit logs into bite-sized information that makes sense to users.

Accessibility audits

Go beyond automated tests with an audit that not only tells you real user issues but that also gives you solutions to all the identified problems.

Accessibility is always best to consider at the start and during a project but an audit is still a good way to catch any issues that might have slipped through your usual processes.